aside HAL Aeronautical Museum, An incredible experience 

As the name tells, it’s really an incredible experience to watch some of our planes, choppers etc. HAL museum is owned and run by Hindusthan Aeronautics Limited. It is located opposite to HAL airport Bangalore. It is opened everyday from 10 AM to 5 PM. The ticket costs Rs. 30 per person.

Now coming back to it’s narration, it has got some incredible aircrafts starting from fighters to cargo carriers. We can aircrafts as old as 70 years.

The premise of HAL is beautifully landscaped with bright flora and a sparkling alleyway. The museum has a wide array of exhibits including life-sized models of helicopters and air crafts, flight simulators, air craft engine models and a mock Air traffic Control (ATC) tower. All the models on display are cordoned off by chains. The aircraft exhibits are the prototypes of the ones that have been developed by HAL and also those, built under the license for Indian Air Force.

The flight simulators give an exhilarating experience while the ATC gives a view of panoramic take off and landing. One can also come across scaled down models of the GSLV (Geo-synchronous Launch Vehicle) and the LCA (Light Combat Aircraft).Each and every prototype has a carefully illustrated description inscribed on a plaque.



It will take 1.5 hrs to take a complete round of the museum. Overall it’s worth visiting the museum.

Recommend rating: 4.5/5


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