image Bannerghatta National Park

Hey guys after a long time we went for the outing and that too to a national park wow. We started at around 10AM to the Bannerghatta national park which is in Bangalore. It was around 1hr drive and by 11-11:15 we reached the zoo. The ticket was priced Rs.260 per person which includes safari and the zoo.

Elephants in safari

The safari starts with elephants and there are quite a few roaming around in the lake. We can also see a lot of deer and bears around the safari. Basically the safari park is divided into two sections, namely carnivores and herbivores. And then we can see lion safari along with tigers and white tigers etc. The total safari ride I can say is around 40 mins. Tiger

After the safari we had a quick break for 10 mins to refresh for the zoo. The zoo starts with white peacocks. It’s wonder that immediate to peacocks cage we can find a tigers cage which included three tigers. To add to this we can also see some pigeon cages around. Next came the giant elephants taking their lunch, beside the elephants were the cunning hyena 2 of them taking a walk in the cage. Next came the lazy leopard which is sleeping on the top a tree in her cage. While walking further there were some foreigners who were also trying to make some familiarity with the animals around. Now was the time time to hear some chirps of various colorful parrots. Peacocks had their natural way of catching the people’s attention with their long tails, keeping us waiting to see its tail open.


  Then came the odd looking crocodiles which too were on their way to sleep. Ahead of them were the fun loving monkeys that were playing with a tube hanging inside the cage.walking from there were the little turtles one on another slowly crawling with its little feet and a load on its back. End of the zoo were the huge hungry hippos some taking bath and some of them eating grass. There was also a butterfly park while returning from safari but our eyes were not lucky enough to see such beauty…. We missed it. There ends our adventurous day at bannerghatta national park, back to car holding some snacks to munch. Short and sweet, a must see place in Bangalore.

Gallery is on it’s way…stay tuned.


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