Hamsaladeevi (Krishna River + Bay of Bengal)

The name itself tells that it is a sangamam of river and ocean. The journey is about 80kms from our town. The itinerary is Gudivada -》Pamarru -》Challapalli -》Avanigadda -》Koduru -》Hamsaladeevi.  We should go to the sangamam from about 3.5kms from the main beach using a shared auto. They will charge about 50rs per person one way.

The storyline:
The temple residing near to hamsaladeevi was constructed by the almighty in a single night. At that time the crows used to take a dip and land on the temple. The same crows were turned into Swans and hence the name hamsaladeevi  (Swans Place)

There were also Krishnamma Padalu  (Krishna River’s Feet) near the sangamam. These days as there were no water from the River, the Ocean pushed the river far back to around 20kms. We can also see Dolphins during the months of November – February. We cannot find good food near to Hamsaladeevi. So if you wanna visit this place, please plan accordingly.
After all watching this we returned to our town with same itinerary.


Krishnamma Padalu.


Sand Art.


Bay of Bengal.


Sangamam Place.


Tried Panorama.




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