Vizag, the Queen of Andhra Pradesh

We started our trip to Vizag by train from Hyderabad in the evening of 21st December 2013. The journey was about 12 hours. The next day morning by 7 AM we reached Vizag station. We immediately went to the RTC  complex and took a bus to Araku. The journey was awesome with some picturesque nature. The distance is about ~100Kms with the route is as follows: Vizag => NAD => Pendurthi junction => Kothavalasa => S- Kota etc. The ghat road journey is just excellent with all the greenery around. We can also take train from Vizag to Araku(Vizag-Kirandul passenger) during which we can see tunnels, valleys, mountains etc.

We booked our room in Anantagiri hill resort which is on the edge of a hill, from where we can see the valley. First we went directly to Araku and had lunch. Then we went to some Tribal museum and had some break at Tea estates to take some snaps. Other main attractions are Shooting point, Valley view, Chaparai  cheruvu, Tyda park etc.

Tea Estates

Borra Caves: The main other attraction here is Borra caves, a naturally formed caves aged around 200 years since its discovery.

Borra Caves

Formation: The Gosthani River, which originates from these caves and flows between the solidified stalactites and stalagmites in the karstic limestones formation, is the cause for the development of the odd shapes of structures. Water percolating from the roof of the caves dissolve limestone and trickle drop by drop to form stalactite at the roof of the cave and then dripping down to the ground form stalagmite. These deposits have developed into interesting forms and structures inside the caves such as Shiva–Parvati, Mother–Child, Rishi’s beard, human brain, mushrooms, crocodile, temple etc. These shapes have captured the imagination of tourists, while some have been given religious interpretations.

By the time we reach our room, it was 7 in the evening and had dinner. Then we went to see the Tribal dances, which is very famous here. Next day we took a bus to reach Vizag and it was 11 by the time we reach our destination. We took a hotel called Meghalaya, which is good and had to fresh up ourselves. In the evening we went to Rishikonda beach which is a must see place. We enjoyed there for about 2hrs and came back to RK beach and also went to sub-marine which has participated in the Indo-Pak war, has been put for exhibition after it’s retirement and is worth watching.

The next day we went to Simachalam, Lord Narasimha Swami’s temple. The distance from Vizag is about ~20kms. The temple is located on top of a hill. It’s a very big temple and the tour to Vizag doesn’t complete without visiting this temple. After this, we had some time for the shopping and we went to CMR shopping mall which is opposite to Andhra University. Then after having lunch our next visiting place is Kailasagiri.


Kailasagiri is a hilltop park in the city of Visakhapatnam. The park was developed by Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority (VUDA) comprising 380 acres (150 ha) of land covered with flora and tropical trees. The hill, at 360 feet (110 m), overlooks beaches, forests, and the city of Visakhapatnam.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh awarded Kailasagiri as “Best Tourist Spot” in 2003. On average, around three lakh Indian and foreign tourists visit this spot every year. To protect the environment, VUDA has declared the hill a plastic-free zone. (Source: Wikipedia)


After watching the Kailasagiri, we went back to the railway station to take the train to Hyderabad. Overall it’s a nice journey filled with joy & excitement around hill stations, picturesque, beaches, mountains, ropeways etc.

Here are some more pics:

DSC02076 DSC02065 DSC02008 DSC01956 DSC01955


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